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Straps, Drum Pads and Accessories

Finding guitar accessories that are high-quality, durable, and resilient as well as attractive can sometimes be hard to achieve. Fortunately, Steph Accessories is here for you – manufacturing guitars straps for electric, acoustic, classical, and bass guitars as well as drum pads, saxophone straps, and other guitar accessories.


Our straps are created with care by master craftsmen who believe strongly in taking pride in their work, delivering high-quality products, and helping musicians discover the best guitar accessories around. We also manufacture drum pads you can use to help dull your noise so you can practice any time and any place without disrupting anyone. Our drum pads are made with durable materials that can withstand a beating day in and day out.


Browse through our extensive collection of products and examine the terrific offerings we have today.


Electric Guitar StrapsElectric Guitar Straps

Electric guitars need electric guitar straps, because they are different than other guitar types in look, feel, and function. We understand this, which is why we make the best, highest-quality, fully-adjustable electric guitar straps in the business.

Acoustic Guitar StrapsAcoustic Guitar Straps

Acoustic guitars are not the same as other types of guitars, and the same goes for their straps. One major difference is the look. We want artists and guitarists to have the perfect strap, which is why we make acoustic straps for acoustic players. These leather straps fit all normal acoustic guitars and help keep the instrument upright in comfort and style.

Classical Guitar StrapsClassical Guitar Straps

One key thing about playing classical guitar is how you play it – and that can be impacted greatly by your choice of strap. This is why classical guitars straps are shaped differently. Our classical straps come in distinct ‘Y’ shape to better enable you to place your classical guitar in the correct playing position while you pick or strum in comfort.

Bass Guitars StrapsBass Guitars Straps

Bass guitars are also different, and straps are different as well. We offer the best array of bass straps for any bass guitar, no matter what the shape may be. Professionals all across the world pluck the bass with our straps supporting their instruments in style.

Saxophone AccessoriesSaxophone Accessories

Saxophone accessories enable saxophone players everywhere to play their instruments in comfort – and style. Our comfortable yet attractive saxophone straps accomplish this in stellar fashion.

drum padsAll of our straps and accessories are fully adjustable, and all of our drum pads are made to fit any standard-sized drum. When you have the skills and expertise of Steph Accessories by your side, you receive the right products for the right musicians.

Turn to Steph Accessories for the best musical accessories, straps, and pads for musicians all over the world – with style, quality, and excellent craftsmanship.
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